Terrible as the Dawn is alienated from everyone and everything and aims to express this raw emotion through heavy music.

Terrible as the Dawn began as the collaboration between two emotionally frustrated biologists, Stephen (drums, vocals) and Caroline Fukuchi (guitar, vocals). Both in the midst of personal strife, the two quickly became fully engrossed in their music after discovering their shared musical interests and uncannily similar worldviews. With both possessing broad musical backgrounds, the pair referred to their longstanding passion for hardcore and metal in creating the musical vision for Terrible as the Dawn to capture the emotional intensity and urgency that is fundamental to their personalities. Initially formed as a straightforward punk band, Stephen and Fukuchi’s strong compatibility and creative ambition quickly drove them to develop a unified musical vision incorporating elements of grindcore, post-metal, and indie rock. Their sound provides the foundation upon which the pair explore the intense emotional extremes and social discomfort underlying each of their lives.

Terrible as the Dawn’s music combines heavy, intricate guitar work, crushing blast beats and screeching vocals with a sense of melody, structure and texture that recalls 90’s indie rock. The sound they’ve cultivated references the heaviness of Botch, the frantic intensity of Circle Takes the Square, and the swirling, immersive guitar sounds of My Bloody Valentine. This gives a fitting backdrop for Fukuchi’s lyrics, which focus on themes of conflict, desperation, and guilt. Firmly believing that these feelings are universal but often left unconfronted, Terrible as the Dawn’s music begs listeners to connect with these feelings and the empowerment that stems from their recognition.

Stephen was surrounded by music from an early age and learned to play guitar and drums (and banjo) first by picking up instruments lying around his childhood home. By his teens,Stephen quickly gravitated to the burgeoning hardcore scene in Virginia and continued this passion when he moved to New York. Stephen played guitar and drums in hardcore and punk bands throughout his life before temporarily setting music aside to complete a Ph.D in Evolutionary Biology and become a college professor.

Fukuchi became engrossed in punk music early in her life, and learned to play guitar and bass in punk bands throughout her adolescence. At the same time, she gained an interest in jazz and classical music, and began studying the double bass. After spending time as a gigging jazz musician, she enrolled in music school to study classical double bass. She quickly became frustrated and disenfranchised with the creative restrictions and elitism prevalent among peers and instructors and left music school to study evolutionary biology. After initiating her graduate studies, Fukuchi began writing songs in 2015 in response to an intense urgency for a creative outlet. Soon after starting to record demos of this new material, she started playing with Stephen, and the pair grew to become Terrible as the Dawn in the wake of their respective divorces and insecurity over their places in life.

Terrible as the Dawn is a raw expression of the band’s respective and shared experiences, and comprises the most meaningful statement either has contributed to the world.