10.6.2016: Ann Arbor, MI at Blind Pig w/ Old Black, Aggro or Die!

10.20.2016: Dayton, OH

10.21.2016: Richmond, VA at Freak House w/ Empty Vessels, Fetish Gear, Samarra


9.23.2016: Ann Arbor, MI at 907 Lincoln w/ Goon Planet

9.21.2016: Lansing, MI at Mac’s Bar w/ Slow Mass, Mover Shaker, Cascadia

8.28.2016: Ann Arbor, MI at Third Death Star w/ War Brides, King Under the Mountain

8.21.2016: Detroit, MI at Trumbullplex w/ Wreck and Reference, Some Ember

8.14.2016: Grand Rapids, MI at Pyramid Scheme w/ Mouth of the Architect, Mountain Goat, Discarnatus

7.28.2016: Grand Rapids, MI at Mulligan’s Pub w/ Full Monty, Lipstick Jodi

7.14.2016: Ann Arbor, MI at Blind Pig w/ Silent Films, King Under the Mountain, Arsonist Choir

6.9.2016: Detroit, MI at Trumbullplex w/ Mea Culpa, Kiki and the Vettes